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Animasi dan Simulasi Kimia (Animations and Simulations of Chemistry)

Hi…, All…!!! Are you looking for animations and simulations of chemistry (type of swf file)…??? Yea, it’s here the right place for that, cause the present, I will to share that animations and simulation for you… eventhough just a page link :)

These following animations and simulations were made using either macromedia director or flash, and all of that are special for you, which one that more important…, 100% FREE

Reactions of Metals and Metal Ions Experiment
Electrochemical Cell Experiment
Concentration Cells Electrochemical Cell Experiment
Electrolysis Electrochemical Cell Experiment
Zinc copper REDOX transfer
Lead silver REDOX transfer
Zinc Copper electrochemical cell
Standard hydrogen electrode - zinc cell
Standard hydrogen electrode - copper cell
Dry cell (Zinc-Carbon)
Car battery (Lead-Lead oxide)
Car battery (Lead-Lead oxide)
Redox Titration Experiment
Boyle's Law
Charles' Law
Charles' Law (Director version)
Effusion Experiment (Micromolecular level, Flash version)
Effusion Experiment (Micromolecular level, Director version)
Effusion Experiment (Macromolecular level, Flash Version)
Effusion Experiment (Macromolecular level, Director Version)
Manometer Experiment
Crush the Can
Heat of neutralization experiment Reacting an acid with a base in a calorimeter (Flash version)
Heat of solution experiments Dissolving ionic salts in water in a calorimeter
Heat transfer between metals and water experiment. Placing a hot piece of metal in water in a calorimeter
Particulate nature of matter view of a metal at different temperatures
Particulate nature of matter view of dissolving a solid salt, NaCl, in water
Conductivity simulation
Using a Spec-20 to determine the concentration of solutions.
Boiling-point elevation and freezing-point depression experiment
Vapor pressure experiment
Sodium chloride dissolving in water.
pH Measurements of Acids & Bases
pH Measurements: Salts & Buffers
Acid-base pH titration simulation
Water (two molecules, collision)
Water (equilibrium system)
Proton transfer (representation of a fast proton transfer reaction)
HCl(aq) (an HCl collides with a water molecule)
NH3(aq) (equilibrium system)
Acetic acid(aq)
Acetic acid buffer
Reaction of HCl with NaOH (HCl - NaOH titration)
NH4Cl(aq) equilibrium animation
Bromine liquid-gas equilibrium animation
Cobalt chloride equilibrium animation
NO2 N2O4 equilibrium animation
Empirical formula of a compound
Amount of moles and atoms in metals
Combustion reactions of hydrocarbons with excess oxygen
Combustion reactions of hydrocarbons (with oxygen gas) - limiting reagent present
Acid-base titration
Functions and variables associated with stretching springs
Method of initial rates simulation
Method of Initial Rates at the molecular level
Rate of a chemical reaction
Arrhenius Equation. Temperature, Rate Constants, and Activation Energy Experiment
NO + O3 bimolecular collision
H2 + Br2 --> 2HBr mechanism
ethylene + H2 ---> ethane, Pt catalyst mechanism
2NO --> N2 + O2 - Pt, catalyst mechanism
Periodic Trends in electronegativity
Chemical Bonds using Spartan electron density maps
Hydrogen Bonding Between Water Molecules
SN2 reactions using spartan electron density maps

Gudang, Koleksi, dan Kumpulan Animasi dan Simulasi Kimia | Free animation and simulation, about chemistryType File: SWF Plus, Free animation and simulation, about chemistry, electrochemistry, gas laws, redox titration, thermochemistry, stoichiometry, kinetics, Chemical reactions:from department of chemistry, gilman hall, iowa state university
Copyright: Chemical Education Research Group | More Info
Free download all of animations and simulations for leaning about chemistry above, CLICK HERE…, please!

Maybe, the page link just small contribution, but I hope helpfulness and will make your heart pleasant…, cheerful smiling :)